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From the Editor`s Desk


RTI Act involves all the people in nation building. Hence, “Citizens have the right to know what their government is doing”. (RTI) Act was introduced, because people should not only have the right to information but could also share and cooperate with their government-machinery, interacting for the good.Similarly, our government need to encourage the people for the good, of its own country in common, to involve in nation building.

By using RTI Act, in the right manner, a good culture of social revolution can be then brought about.Media came into existence to expose truly and fairly, the reality of the situation, for general awareness and early corrective development action. The Regulatory framework is imperative to be put in place in shipping, to resolve all disputes and differences, then and then in a fair and just manner, before it grows into an alarming level. “Mariners inducted into the department are too good, generally for their own good”. Some of them stoop too low, not maintaining their decency and decorum of their office held, availing seafarer`s accommodation, instead of making their own accommodation, unlike other government officers. “Room Tariffs” in Seafarers club, made to suit their own convenience. All of this, owing to absence of a common regulatory philosophy, guiding the evolution of regulatory institution, in infrastructural sectors. The Retired bureaucrats favored with elite positions while relinquishing from their active service, in order to keep to Gandhi an ways, keeping their eyes, ears and mouth shut. Grouping their own men of vested interests, as committee members, to safeguard their own personal interests. As a Corporate Member of the Chennai Press Club, and Managing Editor & Publisher of “Marine Waves” an accredited monthly maritime newsletter, self not invited for the National Maritime Day Celebrations programmed, despite prior query nor called for the arranged PRESS Meet, apparently shows lack of transparency in the dealings. Expressed my protest to the Secretary, NMDC Chennai, on the 5th April 2007, National Maritime Day.

It`s hard to move forward while looking backward, but without looking backward we fail to give gratitude for accomplishment or to learn from failure – both necessary for future success. “Keep taking steps in a certain direction and you`re going to end up where you`re headed.” Though disasters have a way of ignoring your well laid plans. Change your Plan… if disasters make it necessary. I assure you… life`s a lot more fun and disasters are a lot less disastrous!

I have long believed during my sailing days that in shipping – the real cause of accidents were generally covered up, to please the vested interests, by not exposing the real facts, to get away by cheap manner of expression “Human Error”. Of course, to err is human. Just because we all make errors, mistakes and slips and hence bound for deficiencies and defects, the same should not be mercilessly done, for the criminals to get away scot-free and giving no room for appropriate corrective action, expresses morally incapable of effective self-regulation, owing to the advent of communication-age, with pagers, mobile phone, satellite, computers etc. Nowadays, surveyors find the situation scary to yield under pressures or be easily purchased as before. enlightened surveyors and the media made the difference, to build respect and credibility within the very same sectors.

“Everyone knows that India will be a knowledge superpower; but, for it to become a superpower in economy, our curriculum should not only be job-oriented, but made research oriented. Only then can we stop borrowing technology from the West”.

The need to address status of Teachers and so called Trainers, in Maritime Institutions. They should be motivated by their Managements to enhance their qualification. Only when good pay packages are paid to the qualified, we can expect the best out of them, to produce C O C`s of upgraded quality standards, with modern theory, and practice oriented courses, to meet the specific job assignments out at sea, for optimized efficiency and to be of high class international standards. Seafarers – out at sea pay-packages are more governed for their personal risks and sacrifice, living away from their close and near dear ones. One should not compare this and corrupt themselves, for illegal means of earning fast money. Management of Maritime Institutions, to be in constant touch with the industry, for bringing about changes in the curriculum. Guest lectures to be invited from veterans out at sea, to share their long rich sea experience, as good rich experience is more valuable than a research degree, and also from those with long rich teaching experience, rather than depending only on the half-baked, ill conceived teaching faculty of mariners, more as marketers. Theory and practice need to go hand in hand, for the continuous upgrading of skills, to meet the changing and challenging times, attracting high caliber people into the fast growing and high tech shipping industry. Shri. R. Radhakrishnan, Vice Chancellor of Anna University rightly said that “we can rectify the dearth in manpower, only by upgrading the qualification and skills of our people, both in the fields of education and industry”. “A maritime-related career does not necessarily mean a sea-going one. There are abundant job opportunities in technology, design, manufacturing, logistics, financial services and other fields”. Many do not have a clear picture of what life in the maritime sector is all about.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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