April 2015 Issue – Up to 700 feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Libya.

THE CAPTION SHOULD BE SHEAR NECESSITY AND NOT THAT Authorities are blind to the need for Seafarers to have adequate rest. TO ENSURE THE CORRUPTED COMMERCIAL WORLD, DO NOT CURTAIL THE LOOPHOLES leave the monopoly to continue (AUTHORITIES blindly favoring the SHIP-OWNERS/ MANAGERS in cutting the manning strength of ship-staff / seamen, in the most unrealistic manner, illogically, thereby men on board continue to suffer sharing the time of those sick, on eventualities of accidents, while living and working with constraints, living with water and food supplies without proper check, sub-standard delivery / delivered at the last moment before ship’s departure, while on a profession, living and working out on the deep seas/oceans.

PALERMO, Italy (Reuters) – As many as 700 people were feared dead after a fishing boat packed with migrants capsized off the Libyan coast overnight, in what may be one of the worst disasters of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, officials said on Sunday.

Twenty eight people were rescued and 24 bodies recovered from the 20 metre-long vessel, which sank around 70 miles from the Libyan coast, south of the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, the Italian coast guard said.