April 2017 Issue Specially-shaped ship results in operational efficiencies

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings. – Ann Landers

Judges should have a vested interest in its continued professional specialized- performance, as well maintaining the decency and decorum, of the noble and divine profession and respect to the chair of placement, among the human society, so that public that creates image of consistency, never should give room to tarnish Judiciary’s image by public eyes, asserts this Research Scholar, in Ph.D -law, “We should not have huge disparity” in the functioning standards of Judges in the honorable Courts. Obviously one must realize that the Legislature and the Executive have also important roles in decision making, within their area of disciplinary working, to maintain existing Law and Order, within their sphere of working. Litigants coming to court from very far off and near, have their own share of grief, with pain and anguish, reaching out incurring the precious, time, efforts and money. Judicial reforms are essential to meet to the times of this innovative world. We hear of judicial overreach, activism, etc.


Wind turbines and ships may not seem to have an obvious connection – unless you need to service offshore wind turbines, when an especially seaworthy, flexible and manoeuvrable vessel really comes into its own

The 2017 Offshore Renewables Award was sponsored by F3O Offshore Services and is awarded to a company, project or product that has made a significant contribution to the development of the offshore renewables market during 2016. The winner was an innovative service operation vessel, Windea La Cour, the first ever vessel with the Ulstein X-STERN, which was designed and built by Ulstein in Norway for Bernhard Schulte Offshore and contracted by Siemens Wind Power. The vessel is currently in service at the 600 megawatt Gemini offshore wind farm in The Netherlands.

Windea La Cour has made a significant contribution to the offshore renewables market, but its significance is far wider, being the first vessel in any market with the X-STERN. In addition to the X-STERN it also has the X-BOW shape from the Norwegian vessel designer and builder, and both optimise the ship for operations on offshore windfarms, not least because with an X-STERN the vessel’s operator avoids losing time by continually having to turn the vessel when relocating. Unlike any other vessel, which has a bow designed to pass easily through waves, with minimal resistance, this ship is also designed to reverse through them, stern first.