April 2018 issue Port of Rotterdam prevents further spread of Oil Spilled

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We, senior patriotic citizens duly qualified in Engineering, Management and Law, or by either through long rich experience, we need to support a statement of principles, we need to be heard – our beliefs and values need to be respected. Equality, diversity and inclusion are important to us,” says Dr. Chandran Peechulli Krishnan, Managing Editor of “Marine Waves and Seafarers Voice” calling upon other veterans of the nation, to please speak-out.

“If you show up to this, they will notice; they will see you. We want the nation to give us fair practices in public services to help the common people. Such a movement of motion by our people would present a challenge to the credibility of the ‘Law and Administrative discipline.’ What it says to me, is that so much more education is needed just in the legal profession and human society, enhancing knowledge more about human rights in the first place, for citizen’s to know, their basic rights and that’s what we’re experiencing now.”


A serious water pollution incident occurred on Saturday 23 June 2018 in the Derde Petroleumhaven in the Botlek area of the Port of Rotterdam. A large amount of heavy fuel oil spilled into the water.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the emergency services installed oil booms around the vessel as quickly as possible to prevent the further spread of the oil.

The installation of the oil booms was successful but some of the oil had already spread beyond the incident area. On Sunday 24 June 2018 a considerable spread of traces of oil was observed on the water from Hoek van Holland to Spijkenisse bridge and to the Benelux tunnel. Most of the oil is in the Derde Petroleumhaven.

Experts are expecting the clean-up operation to take days if not weeks, or possibly even longer. Experts carried out an inspection on the water early on Sunday afternoon. The inspection findings will be used to produce an action plan for the oil-cleaning operation by a specialist company. This action plan is a joint Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) and Port Authority plan, as they are responsible respectively for the waterways and port basins. Economic ports will remain open as far as possible.