August, 2008 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk


To lead our country to new heights and to inspire new thoughts, visions, ideas and motivation needs in the people of India, the need for awakening with a fresh and right thinking administration, alertness and activeness to the surrounding environment. Never rest unless a fair and just policy and system is implemented in practice.

What a system of government we have, when such corruption can-not be checked at the highest level and in the highest form? When so much is being said by media, (editorials of “Marine Waves”), isn`t it possible for the Supreme Court of India to file a case under its Suo-Moto powers on behalf of media reports with valid exposures, to investigate the matter by CBI? It appears that the present politics, is not focused for the interest of the citizens at large, but it is all about the vested interest. Choosing inaction over action, is admission or neglect? Media needs to desist from propaganda and biased approach to “News”. Bias cannot defeat the rights. The media should evolve ethical standards based on socially accepted norms and standards of fair conduct, which would largely determine the degree of accountability.Seafarers of India should wake up against corrupt, unjust, unregulated practices; oppose the opportunist unworthy mariners and middlemen, in the Mercantile Marine Department, of the directorate general shipping. Empower the seafarers by providing access to all requisite information. Common practices mostly found in our social system are mischievous, teasing and torturing. Let`s help out to Root-out the prevailing corrupt practices, re-thinking and self-introspection to ensure that sovereignty of the country and its people will be safeguarded. Seafarers need to be really united at least during this computerized age by exchanging their thoughts, as inter-actions will result in the well being of all the seafarers. This is after having very much understood, the sufferings of the seafarers, who lead a secluded sacrificial life, away from their near and dear ones, while earning foreign exchange for their country of origin but being neglected of their welfare comparatively to those working ashore, by their national governance. Many old- timer seafarers hanging around in port cities jobless, in poverty, the old age retired senior citizen seafarers, leading a life of poverty without after service benefits etc. Though, the neglector of their legitimate welfare of seamen is a violator of human rights. All this owing to incompetent mariners inducted neglecting seamen`s welfare while they view only their vested interests. Hence, only competent people in the governance with commitment, concern and compassion towards fellowmen could put an end to these social maladies.

Think it over… Why does a person, knowing what truth is, hesitate to speak it out? Is he ashamed? Ashamed of whom? Whether he is a superior or a subordinate, what matters it? The fact is that habit swallows us all. Let us reflect over this and rid ourselves of the bad habit……. M K Gandhi

I call upon the aggrieved seafarers, hanging around near the Seafarers Club on Kamani Marg and as well as near the Seamen`s Hostel, near Masjid Bunder Stn. etc. etc. to think strong and you become strong. Think weak and you become weak. As you think, so you become. The food for the self is thought. So, choose thoughts as you would choose healthy food. The world of thought is more real than the external world. Learn to picture yourself as strong, good and loving. To become conscious of our mental pictures is a part of wise living. The Vedas tells us to picture ourselves as infinite and blissful……..Aham Brahmasmi.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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