August 2017 issue R. Venkatesan has won the Lockheed Martin Award for Ocean Science & Engineering

You are born in this world only to reach enlightenment. You are designed to take off into sublime spiritual realms that confer power, independence and infinite bliss. Wake up to your potential. Strive for it. Stop not, till the goal is reached. A great mind is one where the intelligence is able to differentiate between cause and effect, the conscious and the non-conscious and particularly between the ‘boss’ and the ‘attendants’. Creation has somehow ensured that we undertake this journey towards discrimination in order to appreciate that the heart is the boss. The body and the senses are directed by the mind- with its different departments, levels of activity and ways of reacting: – these are the attendants. The boss in a mysterious way is feeding all these complex structures. He is holding everything together from beyond the mind, but can only see and act through this instrument. Discrimination grows through meditation and paves a way for the heart to prevail. Then our works are undertaken in another manner. Heart comes within our vision during meditation, and we should be ready for this. The very techniques which have led us to this extraordinary capacity of the mind can prevent us from experiencing the heart. We can bypass the most precious part if we are too busy with our mind, and our intellect, and with the techniques to direct them. We miss the message in our experience of meditation. “What is most beautiful is always hidden” says the proverb. This essential part of meditation always leads us, when we are open enough to receive it, to a deeper relationship with our heart. If we really look at life, we will see that every moment something extraordinary happens, and to do this we must be open to the unknown. This attitude and the developed capacity to meditate will reveal apparently uninteresting events as instructive. These experiences will enrich our heart as much as the intellect, and give us a new understanding. When two people who understand from both these sources meet, things are simple and problems are resolved quickly. On the other hand when two people who understand only via their intelligence meet things can be very complicated and problems last for years. Meditation should make us happier, bring us closer to our heart and make life simpler. When the heart prevails, something radiates from us and affects the results of our actions. We seem to expand and influence the things around us and the people that we meet. Although we are still seeking, something mysteriously acts through us and determines the influence of our actions upon our environment. A spirit of service fills our being and overflows. What we were seeking begins to find us.


Earlier this year, there was a tsunami scare and National Institute of Ocean Technology’s R. Venkatesan, who heads the Ocean Observation Systems at the institute, remained busy through the evening watching seven tsunami-warning buoys and making calculations. The night passed and there was no tsunami

“Had I been wrong, I shudder to think of what would have happened,” said Mr. Venkatesan, who is also the chairman of the International Tsunami Partnership. Recently, he was chosen by the Marine Technology Society (MTS) USA to receive the prestigious 2017 Lockheed Martin Award for Ocean Science and Engineering.

The award is presented for the highest degree of technical accomplishment in the field of marine science, engineering or technology.

He is reportedly the first Indian to be honoured by this organisation that was established in 1963.

Cutting-edge tech: With 34 years of experience in ocean studies – he initially worked with the National Institute of Oceanography and joined the NIOT in 1997 – and 2,500 days at sea, Mr. Venkatesan and his team have developed technology that is on a par with international standards and the data is shared with other countries.