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March 2016 – Monthly News Letter

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River pilots escape with slight injuries in ship crash at Sutton Bridge

Two river pilots escaped with slight injuries when a massive ship hit two boats and pontoons in the River Nene at Sutton Bridge on Tuesday night.

The 80m long cargo vessel, Lady Nora, was on its way from Wisbech to a port in The Netherlands when the accident happened at about 7.45 pm.

There were people on the pilot berth of the vessels and the ship nearly wiped them out.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said two casualties were taken to hospital.

A spokesman for Fenland District Council, which employs the pilots, said two of its marine staff were “slightly injured”.

The council spokesman said today (Wednesday) one man was taken to hospital, where he was checked and discharged on Tuesday night.

He continued: “The other saw his GP for a check-up this morning. Both men have been told to rest for a few days.”

The council hasn’t commented on a report of a vessel hitting fendering at Cross Keys Bridge three weeks ago, but denied a claim there was a trainee pilot on board the Lady Nora at the time of Tuesday’s crash.

A Sutton Bridge resident, who asked not to be named, told us: “A ship going out to sea from Wisbech collided with several moored vessels in Sutton Bridge.

Reducing Emissions From the Shipping Sector

The EU is calling for a global approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping – a large and growing source of emissions.

As a first step, large ships using EU ports will be from 2018 required to report their verified annual emissions and other relevant information.

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River pilots escape with slight injuries in ship crash at Sutton Bridge

Reducing Emissions From the Shipping Sector
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