December, 2007 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

The concept of bringing out a free INTERNATIONAL MARITIME NEWSLETTER to and for the maritime fraternity for free browsing and nominal charge for print copy, was conceived after twenty long years of my rich sea service, gathering memories of the deficiencies, defects and loopholes in the system, exposition of systemic failures, most importantly to empower the SEAFARERS of their basic rights and privileges which they are deprived off, as against the shore-staff, who make tall claims and achieve owing to their ability to get together and raise their voice for redressal of grievances .

To keep them enlightened of the international maritime scenario. An insight of the seafarer`s role – working and living conditions onboard in hazardous situations out at sea. The Mariners, therefore expect a better recognition within their country and after service benefits.Merchant Navy is a second line of defence. The high salary drawn while in service is in consideration of their professional risk and sacrificial prime human life, making a career in the early ages as a youth, living away from their close and near dear ones. While, they pump in (earning) considerable foreign exchange to their country of origin. Hence, the National Maritime Administration needs to focus on “Professional Ethics and Human Values” viewing their legitimate welfare, with natural justice of human touch. Mariners inducted into national maritime administration, be without bias and prejudice, who need to prove their supremacy by their better qualification and rich practical experience, commanding respect from the seafarers afloat and ashore, by their attitude and keeping pace with the rapid surge of developments in their respective field as the shipping is international. If the nation`s autonomous body, UPSC is not able to attract the best but accept what comes by inducting only on the strength of the COC – Certificate of Competency held for the operation and maintenance of the vessels (ships) with a trade apprenticeship background, as in the past, then it would continue to be doing injustice to mariners who can`t influence. Best alternative would therefore be outsourcing. Suggest examinations of Crew and Petty Officers with the Maritime Academies and Institutions and unless fully equipped with qualified staff and modern infrastructure Officers and Marine Engineers be rested with Institutions of higher learning with Research facilities, or else bring down the course fees reasonably lower to benefit a large section of the community on pure merit entry, with physical and mental fitness, which would boost our national image abroad and as well as our national exchequer with foreign exchange.

More particularly, the authorities of the National and the International level, regulating Shipping and Maritime administration, and those inducted into them exhibit their supremacy, with a sound, theoretical, practical and a pragmatic approach keeping abreast to the realistic situations, not remain mere paper tigers to protect a section of their near ones without a fair practice. Every maritime nation should boost their image, to be a role model and not merely follow the outdated rules and regulations without changing to the times, rather than adopting the minimum standards achieved by the trial and error methods. Differences between the maritime nations should be sorted out then and then by the apex body IMO ( U.N. agency ) and not allowed to grow, needing a common language of expression and action or else it would lead to chaos and could actually increase the risk in the number of accidents and casualties i.e. at the cost of irreparable loss of our precious human souls(mariners). I.M.O. (International Maritime Organisation) have yet to go a long way to establish its capability and expertise, to bring the maritime nations of the world.

We are able to communicate loud and clear faster, far and wide these days owing to computer/communication age and hence our aim to implement the best, giving scope for future development as well. Invite open page constructive criticisms in websites. For which, the need to have competent mariners in Maritime administration to respond/inter-act. “Safety of the innocent souls of seafarers” cannot be compromised, hence not mere learning from mistakes alone but farsighted foresight that is needed by qualified National Maritime Administrators, during this RTI (Right to information) Age.

Managing the uncertainties in marine profession with a pursuit to excellence in safety, needs to be the watchword and the priority for real time development in maritime administration. This would generate an influential body of theoretically and practically backed professionals through an open forum with wider inter-action within the maritime world. This international maritime newsletter brings to your doorstep, action packed news and information of the Maritime world dealing with issues in shipping, onboard and shore-based seafarers, their working conditions in different situations, exposing the occupational hazards towards their welfare.

Its high time, we come up with a framework that is significantly better from what we have been seeing so far in the governance framework of maritime administration.

Transparency supported by varied section of professional veterans: Mariners includes navigators, marine engineers, senior retired ratings, marine associated doctors on Rigs, afloat as on SCI research and passenger vessels, engineers based in shipyards and repair yards. Logistic executives, Port handling executives etc. Management Representatives of Shipping Companies, Maritime Institutions, Shipyards,Ports, Educationists, Editors, Publishers etc.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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