February, 2006 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

We pray god, to give us the light, to expose our basic rights, to make tomorrow bright. The world looks more interesting, only through an open mind. An open mind brings scope to change everything to better the worldly needs, though everyone looks at the world, from different point of view. Share your point of view, interacting on your relevant subjects to excel. If everyone thought the same, nothing would ever change. The world would be the dullest place, if all of us agreed on everything.

If viewed impartially and realistically, there is a big void space to the needs and lifestyle of shipboard employees, losing out all the real benefits shore based employees enjoy, while the management of INSA not viewing the realistic conditions but for yielding to the pressure of the demanding representatives, need to think on their own as well, in a wider perspective angle, doing justice to all the seafarers, rather than blindly favoring a section of the seafarers illogically. Bureau of Indian Standards, is here again reminded to justify the undue timedelay of eleven long years, for the flaw in the Marine Standard notified (complaint number 2005/2006).

Let us accept the facts of defects and deficiencies in the system, so far exposed through my editorials in the “Waves” 2001, followed by the “Marine Waves” since 2004, far more revealing for the national shipping administration, to undergo a radical change/overhaul, all for the better and best in instilling fairness and clean administration, protecting seafarer`s rights, privileges towards their welfare, instilling professional, intellectual and ethical standards in shipping.

Shipping Ministry needs to develop a more coherent policy, towards the regulation of the social conditions of seafarers. Many employees of the Indian Public Sectors availed VRS even for changing jobs, while a permanent floating staff(engineer officer) of SCI, a public sector, despite being sincere, hardworking, loyal but outspoken, making constructive criticisms in the good interest of the organization and the nation at large, was discriminated to the extent of depriving his basic fundamental rights, on being medically unfit (Hypertension- B P )for sea duty, an ageing factor, neither considering employment in shore based office nor considering VRS, more particularly, even after a bureaucrat of shipping ministry, raising this issue. Loss of job( secured by an all India advertisement into public sector), and thrown out of job, like a fish out of water, is a loss of human right to live with dignity. Despite running pillar to post for the past twelve long years, the subject continues to be neglected. `One must accept the truth from whatever source it comes`……….”Moses Ben”.

Why should foreign fund under the account head of `Seafarers Welfare`, reach the Christian Missionary for disposal in India, while the seafarers are a conglomeration of various caste and religion? Committed and dedicated NGO s in particular, need to over look with human touch towards seafarers welfare, for such funds to reach the seafarers, working in dangerous conditions out on the deep seas, separated from their near and dear ones, while sacrificing the good part of their lives and as well, to the old aged seafarers, who spent good part of their lives out at sea.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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