February, 2007 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

Merchant Mariners ashore, need to develop a thought process to interact and enrich their knowledge, utilizing commonly available PC`s (computers) at every different level. One needs to tap their inner potential and inter-act, from their long rich sea experience, in building-up/enhance quality-benchmark. Merchant Mariner`s experiences are hardly-utilised, the need to arrive at a common platform, for free flow of thoughts of vital information, to speed up forward thinking innovative process and the transformation of advancement in training skills.

Knowledge through strong links of thought exchanges and protracted discussions be encouraged, between the enlightened floating staff and the shore-staff to bring about a guiding vision to active floating staff, of varied level of responsibility and accountability.Floating Staff need to perform group discussions onboard for congenial living and working atmosphere, maintain a high morale, primarily understand their separation from near and dear ones, limitations and constraints out at sea, challenges ahead to face eventualities (natural sea borne and shipboard). Officers need to go beyond their job description, giving no room for blame excuses but for contributing their best foreseeing crisis/risk. Senior officer`s control over shipboard achineries, machinery spares, consumables and ensuring quick turnover of “safely delivering the goods”, is though their primary responsibility. All events onboard need to be documented for the new comers onboard to familiarize quickly and perform their best. Every individual onboard is to think about, as to how to improve his/her work in quality considering the precious time, giving their best in job performance and cost effectiveness. Practice, the best tools of management to suit the situation, for improved services of productivity onboard. In a shipboard set-up, where there is a process of accountability, idea generation for innovation is more common. Organizations that have broken the barriers of departmental silos can test their ideas on each other, not to focus on finding fault with others, need to encourage constructive criticisms and implement innovative ideas better and faster. Encourage opportunities to open up “thought process”. Prove the best; keep physically and mentally fit, at all times, to meet the hard work out at sea with man-power constraints and quality material constraints. “Our vision is to develop an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure, to facilitate growing world trade”.

The need for a proper regulatory mechanism to instill fairness in Shipping. System is not sensitive to the plight of seafaring victims; do we need standards of nursery/primary/secondary teachers, to head the faculty of maritime colleges/academies? Universities must be places based on the authority of ideas, rather than the idea of authority. `Institutions must focus on value based education` such of those old timers, so called Master Mariners ( Merchant Marine ship`s captain, from seamanship with poor academic background generally matriculates includes non-matriculates as well, by mere virtue of a C O C through set-paper exams., issued for operation and maintenance of vessels (ships), with no further qualifying examination. Those with such poor academic qualification, be only considered at demonstrators level, and not to unimaginable level of “Dean of faculty in Maritime Institutions”, which is owing to some ill- conceived mariners in the Office of the Directorate General of Shipping, with limited sea service and qualification, discourages mariners towards higher education, while over one hundred and twenty (120) distance learning universities exist in India.. Why this `mind-set of the establishment`? This is a matter of serious concern, which any enlightened society would agree, besides UGC and AICTE. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) need to fairly assess teachers, students, infrastructure and academic environment in all maritime colleges, academies and institutions.

One needs to command respect from one`s own deeds. Its high time, the nation recognises seamen`s, hard work out at sea, of risks and sacrifices, earning foreign-exchange to the country, instead of they continue to be neglected of their basic rights and privileges enjoyed by the shore staff, towards health care and social inequalities, since the seamen are handicapped to unite and voice their legitimate dues. One need to

“Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought” ……. Henri Bergson.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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