February, 2008 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

As a gesture of goodwilland demand “Justice” for seafarers.`Inaction poses threat to social amity.`

Though “Shipping” is international, it`s heartening to note that globalization is now gaining momentum in reality. The rapid advancement in modern technology has not only exceeded our expectations, it has also changed the whole world we live in, whereas in Shipping, it has not been able to keep pace, comparatively snail`s rate, not been able to catch-up to the times, of RTI age with the required transparency, owing to monopolistic style of functioning by the mariners in national maritime administration, who have been inducted not for either their long rich sea service, nor higher standing qualification, nor merit based on an individuals acumen in subjective theory or practice but for after a easy walk-in, without competition unlike other UPSC posts. An enquiry commission would reveal that they had ruined career of many lives, owing to unfair means, not valuing the valuable time of the active seafarers, resting the responsibility of assessment with the MMD clerks, for eligibility to appear for exam., and other services etc. causing undue delay, with unwanted, unreasonable queries, non-refundable fees, with the result bad experiences of losing the paid up fees, time effort and money for their reasonable expectations. Seafarers in active service, working out at sea, generally are in the prime of their youth. Please note, all this harassment during their precious time, counting down period of leaveearned from hard life out at sea, after separation from their dear ones.

Seafarers are more of a disciplined lot and hence do not grumble for not finding licensed agencies to ease up their work ashore, unlike found in many motor vehicle licensing offices, registration offices etc. within the metropolitan cities, all this, despite many of the seafarers residing in far away places, attending MMD offices incurring on boarding and lodging expenses.

One can imagine as to the mental make-up in such a situation. Hence, the exoduses of affordable seafarers, who make it, to appear examination for foreign certificate of competencies i.e. UK, Australia, Singapore etc. where the seafarers are not harassed. A team of international researchers has found procrastination seriously affects our productivity at work and can cost people considerable amounts of money, while they postpone critical timely decisions”. The need for good corporate governance for boosting organizational performance. Hence, Seafarers` – feedback to be addressed, in the dgshipping website, similar to grievance entertained for redressal, in the Department of Public Grievances, acknowledging complaint number, for timely corrective action of the flaws, deficiencies, discriminated unequal justice etc. all genuine grievances notified, will help the governance to feel the real pulse of our valued seafarers, for marching ahead in this innovative world. Having had the opportunity to attend a seamen`s welfare meeting, found many non-mariners and more of a religious crowd. The need to enroll seafarers as member in the SEAFARERS CLUB and thus they could interact, manage and produce better results to view seafarers welfare, and not for group of vested interests.

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”……. Jamie Paolinetti

“QUALITY” comes from self-regulation, for which we need a uniform measurement criterion. Whether, it`s Institution,Industry or Corporate Management Administration. This principle need be religiously followed.

Re-Competencies of the certified competent person, also needs to be addressed now and then to meet the times, conducting refresher courses to realign the framework of the mindset, disturbed mindset owing to varied reasons, in a mariners life, while the safety of others onboard could be jeopardized. Professionals get outdated (obsolete), in their respective discipline, if they do not keep abreast to the times of development. This updating is incomplete if timely vital feedback is not taken into consideration.

During the inauguration, of AMET University, our Joint Director-General of Shipping Mr. Lukose Vallatharai IAS, urged the AMET to use its autonomy responsibly to build links with industry, design new courses, develop quality faculty and invest in facilities and human resources with a long-term perspective, which is a highly positive vision in the interest of our nation and the world at large. Hence, we need to focus on challenges and move ahead, if shipping is to progress and develop. Constructive- criticisms need to be encouraged in all spheres of life, for creative research which would be the seeds to progress and development, if taken in an open mind, right spirit and perspective. Progresses do not just come by it self by offering varied assignments to anybody, whom one likes, instead review the recruitment policy. It needs a culmination of sincere efforts to succeed, backed with theory and practice in the relevant discipline with innovative and creative ideas, with an open mind, with certain amount of discipline, fairness, dutifulness, commitment, dedication etc. Some one needs to initiate and contribute their mite for others to join (extend cooperation) and pave the way to progress and development. When there is a cry for justice, the same needs to be prioritised for attending within a reasonable period, in a fair and just manner, by the authorities concerned, for good governance.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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