February, 2011 – Navy, Coast Guard bust another pirate band

MID-SEA DRAMA: Pirates captured from a fishing trawler-turned-mother ship, Prantalay 11, onboard Navy ship INS Tir, 100 nautical miles off Kavaratti


28 brigands nabbed in another decisive action off Kavaratti; Thai fishing trawler used by them seized A week after a pirate mother ship was sunk and the sea brigands aboard it were captured by the Navy and the Coast Guard in a joint operation off Lakshadweep, a fresh band of 28 pirates was nabbed in another decisive anti-piracy action by the two forces about 100 nautical miles west of Kavaratti on Sunday.

The maritime forces also seized the pirate-controlled Thai fishing trawler, Prantalay11, and rescued its original crew of 24 Thai and Myanmarese nationals. The operation was led by INS Tir, a first squadron training ship of the Navy attached to the Southern Naval Command, and the Coast Guard Ship Samar. The pirates and the crew are now being taken on board CGS Samar to Mumbai, where they will be handed over to the police for initiating legal action.

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Mumbai, on Saturday evening, received information that MT Chios, a Greece-flagged crude oil tanker, was being chased by heavily armed pirates about 82 nautical miles west of Suheli Par in the Lakshadweep archipelago. The tanker, on its way from Singapore to Yemen, adopted best management practices and evasive manoeuvres to dodge the skiffs on the prowl. Meanwhile, an armed Dornie