February 2017-issue Shortlist announced for ISWAN Photo Competition 2017

BE choosy to navigate the mind for each moment of our precious life, in our daily lives, at work, relaxing etc. To achieve excellence through pathway to perfection, which is optimized utilization with varying attributes. A researchful and resourceful mind, tries to keep pace with the explosion of interests, ways and methods to choose and be selectful,that goes around in the brain in the form of thoughts to direct the mind. Healthy minds need the required nourishing for consistency to give mindfulness with the required activeness and alertness to desired chosen work in hand thereby assesses the mindful traits of participants, asking if, for example, they often criticize themselves “for having irrational or inappropriate emotions.” In analyzing the answers, the researchers found that mindfulness did indeed lead to increased helping behavior. They also found that two facets of mindfulness-present-focused attention and nonjudgmental acceptance-specifically encouraged people to experience emotions like compassion, joy, or elevation during the act of helping. It’s not easy teaching mindfulness to teenagers. Yet teens, especially troubled ones, might stand to gain more than most by cultivating moment-to-moment awareness. A new study finds there may be a link between the mind of a mother and the health of her infant. A Dutch and Belgian team of researchers gave 90 mothers with 10-month-old babies surveys designed to measure their levels of mindfulness and anxiety, asking such questions as whether they are “open to the experience of the moment” or if they “observe mistakes and difficulties without self-judgment.” The team then asked about the babies, to gauge their health and development, and found very strong evidence that mindful traits in moms are associated with better outcomes for the babies. This is a new area of study, but the preliminary results suggest that mindfulness training for pregnant women sure couldn’t hurt!


After a fantastic response from seafarers around the world, we are delighted toannounce the shortlist for the ISWAN Photo Competition 2017. This year’s competition received over 600 photographs giving a fascinating insight into the daily life of a seafarer, from duties such as maintenance, inspections and drills, to on-board exercise sessions and leisure activities including shower parties on deck and barbeques.

Entries were submitted by a total of 152 seafarers of at least 18 different nationalities across four continents, demonstrating the diversity of this often-overlooked profession. Amongst the entrants were six female seafarers and a range of positions from ordinary seaman to chief cook to master. The judging panel will now decide on the winner and runners-up from the shortlisted photographs and the result will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Project MARTHA report highlights growing levels of fatigue in seafarers InterManager, the trade association for in-house and third party ship managers, together with The Warsash Maritime Academy, recently presented the results of its fatigue study, Project MARTHA, to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The report highlights growing levels of both physical and mental fatigue in seafarers, particularly amongst