January, 2005 – Happy New Year

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From the Editor`s Desk

First of all ,let me wish my valued readers and their families “A Happy and Prosperous New Year” .My heartiest greetings for the New Year 2005, bringing in all happiness ,luck and prosperity to one and all in the family.My sincere thanks for the `Readers feedback` sharing their views, from their rich practical experience, for us to march together towards progress.

I would very much appreciate, hearing from seafarers their rich valued experiences relavent to living and working conditions,onboard their vessels with occuptional hazards.Through the media of “MARINE WAVES” Seafarer`s International Maritime Newsletter,readers will be enlightened, of the known and probable hazards onboard with suggestions if any , to overcome the situation , in particular all that related to Occupational Health and Safety.We can thus put our thoughts “ON” brushing it up in the Open Forum and interact , finding solutions to the day to day problems , as there exists plenty of un-exposed common issuses of concern , such as neither restricting the stock of essential medicines in the chest for common ailments onboard nor to see the shore doctor etc.These blind enforcements of economy drive by Captain , in a short-sighted manner , do no good but demoralize the working hands.Hence , awareness needs to be raised for early corrective action , promotion of values, for the well being of all-onboard.Seafarers come under immense pressure from sub-standard operators.Calls for “social justice at the workplace, and company`s health and safety performance” . I would be immensedly pleased to extend all possible help to the genuine grievances of the seafareres,working out on the deep seas,on hazardous working conditions.

2004 was a difficult year for those at sea,we noted an uncharacteristically high number of reports into the loss of seafarers lives and our thoughts most recently are with the families of those who lost loved ones on the Selendang Ayu off Asaka earlier this month.This year saw the further criminilisation of marine accidents and the continued detention of Capt Mangouras who hopefully enjoyed Christmas with his family this year.Similarly our thoughts are with the Karachi 8 and their respective families who experienced an equally harrowing experience to that of Mangouras earlier this year.Thankfully,all involved have been returned safely to their loved ones in time for the festive season.On a positive note,good progress was made on the ILO Super convention which will hopefully improve working conditions for all at sea, the IMO established a sub-committtee to look into the fair treatment of seafarers and further progress continues to be made by the IMO / ILO on the issue of seafarer abandonment.

The fourth estate , PRESS is your friend indeed , to expose the realities and bring out a brain-storm for solutions to the real needy , not as a section of the people think , with their ill-conceived notions, for mere commercial advertisements.The recent Tsunami of human solidarity is sweeping across the surface of the globe in response to the physical tsunami that has ravaged the shores of the Indian Ocean.Everyday from then on brings a staggering upward estimate of deaths and of aid donations.The aids alone does not compensate for the irreparable loss of lives snatched away by MOTHER NATURE during the surge of scientific developments.Though worldwide, through British , Germans Americans and other rich peoples within and outside , public aid pledges are now over $3 billion.Considering this, it is probably the biggest humanitarian relief operations in history.However , every day is a lesson to the thinkers , however bad or good the results are , with an analytical conceptual approach.May sound simple , but matters. The Fishing Harbour of the metropolitian City of, the worst hit Chennai. Reports : “MOST OF THE TRAWLERS/BOATS WERE FOUND UNINSURED WHEN TSUNAMI STRUCK” THIS REVEALS THE POOR STATE OF ADMINSTRATION IN THE RELEVANT DEPARTMENT.WHILE IT IS MANDATORY , FOR A TWO WHEELER MOTORIST TO KEEP HIS VEHICLE INSURED, WITHIN THE VERY SAME STATE.All this , while seafaring is an occupational dangerous profession , and even despite public and private sector insurance companies offering Maine Insurance.How does our national maritime administration look at this issue , while it certifies the operators for human values and the vessels for its sea-worthiness? the PRESS to act as a constructive watchdog. and keep up its professsional pride , without bias and prejudice.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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