January, 2007 – Happy New Year

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From the Editor`s Desk

Welcome To 2007 – Hello, and Happy New Year to one and all.
Last year was a hectic and momentous one for “Marine Waves” With huge increases in readership, with many top companies looking to advertise with us, it was a great time. Seafarer`s knowledge, gained over the years of active sea service, has not been duly encouraged to be documented for corporate growth, though globalization in shipping was long and ever linked from times.

Knowledge Management, by virtue of generating a Data Bank, identifying, collect, organize its storage, collation, dissemination and retrieval, for optimized utilization and growth, though was an emerging phenomenon, determining the success of any industry viewing globalization, The need to pile up case studies, which being neglected in Indian Shipping, as on similar grounds of M. A. I. B., UK. Its high time, we have control over seafarers sailing out on the deep seas, viewing their welfare. Lacks statistics of those who set sail and of those returned, casualties during each year etc. INDOS. yet to prove foolproof. Systematic abuses of seafarers rights.

Case studies of valid data acquired could be better developed into knowledge and transferred to the future employees of the profession, for application of the best, with future growth. This puts in place, application of the right knowledge into practice, keeping away unwanted area of outdated technology, thus equip with self-sufficient knowledge of the availed past, best rich experiences. Merchant Navy vessels are manned, with all constraints of resources (man-power, machineries and material spares) is never the less, than on the defence vessels, but for a disciplined approach in executing their commercial operations of world class, to meet the world trade.

Time is fading away, the past days of having the time and patience to go through the several racks, for selecting the desired books to read, in some cases have to wait and reserve the book, if it is not readily available, especially for those pursuing professional courses. Digitalising the necessary mandatory books is a good alternative, as it would not only save time but also help preserve old and rare text, making it accessible for future generation of students. Information technology enabled tools, such as the internet plays a crucial role in sharing and managing knowledge quicker, valuing TIME. This world is not the world of dreams; we should be practical and should face the reality. Spare no efforts and devotion to duty. Maritime need of the hour is a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. While there is tremendous untapped potential, in the maritime discipline, to be explored, calls for focus on infra structure to enhance competence, social issues-think humane etc. Men out at sea need to be physically and mentally sound, to meet eventualities out at sea. Real success comes through risks and sacrifices, along with intelligent work. Its challenging, thrilling, etc. though life is how, one makes it.

The foreseeable Indian Maritime University would be indigenously developed into a world premier class, leading in technological and socio-economic development of the country, enhancing the global competitiveness of technical manpower and by ensuring high quality of technical education to all the sections of the world maritime society. It`s, not just knowing the job function, but to perform efficiently, at each and every stages of work.

Co-ordinate, Control and monitor the requisite operations.

Ability for right /quick decision making.

Analytical mind with communication skills.

Eagerness to learn from feedback.

Enjoy facing professional challenges.

Enthusiasm in watching new trends and mastering new skills.

Willingness to learn and keenness to train subordinates.

Loyalty to the serving organization.

Readiness to take responsibilities.

Cheerful approach to teamwork.

Senior Officers onboard the vessels, are the real producers, who shape the shipping organization through their performance. They have to be the real role models. Their actions decide the future of the organization. The wealth of such rich experience followed by qualifying appropriate education can make the world of differences between success and failure, in today`s competitive environment, in the corporate offices. This would transform professionals with strong technical knowledge into business leaders of the future, with equally strong management knowledge and help them adopt a global perspective.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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