January, 2009 – Happy New Year

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From the Editor`s Desk

“Corrupted people have a good network and they are united, for illegally amassing quick and easy money, leading a care-free, easy way of life.”

Liberally throwing the share of amassed easy earned money, they build muscle-power to threaten those who do not yield to their pressures.

It is, for all the government employees to take oath: solemnly and sincerely swear, that will faithfully and honestly fulfill the duties that devolve by reason of employment in the public service of State/Union Govt./ Territories. As you would see that This is a clear case of corruption, incompetence and lack of long term initiatives.

A Case Study on INDoS reveals:

Though INDoS, introduced 8 years ago, as computerized national database 4 quick reference by statutory authorities. The existing INDOS system is totally unplanned and a failure, since it cannot reveal the realistic quantitative figures. Ask for yourself as to whether, we can be able to draw out Statistical figures of Indian seamen (Officers and ratings), engaged on merchant navy vessels? Month wise, Year wise statement ? Any enlightened citizen.

You are requested to please clarify the basic and prime information on Indian Seamen, which may be expected of by any enlightened citizen, to know of his countrymen, working with risks and sacrifices, out at sea? Indian seafarers: out at sea, and of those returned back to land, with their hard-earned leave, joining family after long separation, their near and dear ones, earning bread for their family and dependants, simultaneously earning foreign-exchange to the coffers of our nation’s treasury, building national economy. Time frame for achieving various Statistical figures on seafarers? ie Revenue annually earned by seafarers, active seafarers outgoing and incoming, seamen injured while in active service and hospitalized, casualty onboard etc. Discipline need to be the watchword.

Though I have been making exposition of the deficiencies and defects in the system this had been another valid query raised. Appearing in “MARINEWAVES”, but left ignored / neglected. Therefore, what is the criteria and control exercised basically on allotting an INDOS No.? this was my query*while the INDOS known from shipping directorate website, as an introduction of national database of Indian Seafarers venturing out at sea, on high risk employment. While that is the case:

How does INDOS serve the purpose, while it is not a fool-proof system (not covering all those Indians working out at sea). i.e.foreign-shipping Co’s/and oil rigs etc. What is the difficulty, to cover those employed in foreign shipping companies, oil rigs etc. though they are issued with an Indian CDC, from the department or sailing on Panama, Liberian CDC etc? Hence, what is the control exercised by the Govt. of India, in the interest of Indian seafarers.

Why not a fool-proof INDOS system, in the interest of Indian seamen and the nation at large? Who has designed it, not taking into all the attributes? If outsourced, questions the Competence?Adding on:

1. Is their a Seamen employment and guidance bureau? For public interest and awareness.

2. Why the Seamen/Seafarers Club, continues to be handled by Surveyors while they claim shortage for their own primary work and why not this by a Welfare Officer who exists? CWO existed over 25 years ago. Why not centralized administration of seamen clubs and reviving welfare measures by a Chief Welfare Officer, when the strength of seafarers multiplied, by the increased Maritime Colleges, Institutions, Academies, Universities (Deemed), Indian Maritime Universities.

3. Do we not need to co-ordinate INDOS with CDC and Indian Passport, which should have been the basic step? For affective control.

4. Lacks practical approach or leaving loop-holes deliberately. Fake CDC and unrealistic quantitative value of CDC issued by the department, reporting of unfair pay scales on the other hand 3EO unfairly dismissed thrown out of service on medical grounds without legitimate dues even after 14 long years since SCI management have given their deaf ears, harassing the individual since he a whistle blower. Which was not expected in a Govt. of India Enterprise.

5. Are the above-said queries, enough evidence of systemic failures? Do they not reflect upon the poor quality of incompetent mariners inducted into the Shipping directorate of our nation, owing to lack of right publicity for competition on real merits, while kept in par with bureaucrats (the cream of national talents) in our national maritime administration? It’s high time, the recruitment policy and practices are revived to streamline our national maritime administration.

INDoS has been implemented over eight long years, if the feedback itself is taken in good spirit, should have improved by now. INDoS No. makes no sense. Cleansing the existing system with a new vision would work wonders.

Hence, this is a clear case of corruption, incompetence and lack of long term initiatives. System itself being corrupt, as said in “Marine Waves”. “Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” Albert Einstein. ‘Innovation comes from connecting with the best of minds’ with the willingness to contribute, towards a pursuit to excellence.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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