January, 2010 – Happy New Year

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From the Editor`s Desk

Wishing our valued readers, “A Peaceful, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010″.

Make up your mind. O Arjuna! Great is the person who can use his mind to control his senses and do his karma without any attachment. It is better to do your duty than to remain without doing anything. Action is important because we cannot even maintain our own body without it………… Bhagavad Gita 3.7-8

Education without human values, does not produce the right citizens..

Rights of the seafarers suppressed. Changing their perspectives and convincing them to approach issues in new ways. Leadership/ Management Training Programmed must view as an important means to transform the outlook of the present day reformers. Every one in their professional service has an aspiration to think at times, of them superior. Yes, some are considered better than others. But in the end of the day, one should realize that they exist, all for the public service, have mutual respect for each other, live and let live. Most of the self proclaimed superior services in plum jobs, in monopolistic life-style, are suffering from a false superiority phobia. Hence, to comment on maritime administration, known to old-timers of marine officers / engineers (Ship Captains and Chief Engineers)from those opted for job ashore, inducted into the office of the Directorate General of Shipping, as Class One Officers, posted in MMD`s, owing to their unique professional sea service, though generally those days old timers with their poor academic background-under-graduates, credibility given to their trade `Certificate of Competency to man ships at sea` which they qualify through set paper exams. They quickly forget themselves of their seafaring life, possibly because of lesser sea service and try to harass the seafarers with their egoistic life-style, failing them not after few attempts but for several years/months. As though, the examiner has fallen from the sky. They build-up scare amongst the candidates unlike exams conducted overseas. Neither have they provided solutions to the candidates besides, hurt the sentiments of their fellow men who continue to work with professional hazards, hard-work at sea with risks and sacrifices. All this attitudinal changes, sooner-after their getting into govt. service, proclaims themselves in the marine department of the shipping ministry, in par with the IAS/IPS/IFS cadre. What is most disgusting is for them to continue comparing the high salary of the seafarers, which is a compensation for seafarer`s risks and sacrifices, out at sea. Ref: Editorial of March 2009 Issue of Marine Waves monthly, International Maritime Newsletter. Hence, much of the MMD services needed to be privatized for reasons better known to the readers, who have been harassed for basic services rendered to Indian seafarers.

India and USA being partners in progress are cooperating in many fields of science and technology. Why not cooperate, in the area of governance which impacts the life of every citizen? Ref: open government initiative from the executive office of president of United States of America. Dec. 8, 2009 m-10- 06. Memorandum for the heads of executive depts. and agencies FROM: Peter R. Orszag, Director. *Govt. of USA having announced the “Open Government Initiative” Policy for transparency, participation and collaboration. Why not a similar initiative by India adopting what is good to us all. “Transparent Government (TransGov) Initiatives for ensuring accountability in India”?

The onerous responsibility of keeping this country united through upholding Rule of Law after independence, have failed in the discharge of their obligation, owing to clouded and polluted state of affairs. Infact, the government may privatize, keeping bare minimum important work process operations with it. How can Mariners inducted into DGS proclaim themselves as cream of the nation comparing with IAS, IPS, IFS etc. amongst all India services, while they coolly enter without much competition unlike other all India services, owing to `no wide publicity for inducting mariners into the department`, credited for their unique sea service, those seafarers actively working out at sea with high salary are for their risks and sacrifices, their families get used to hifi life, having later reached a stage that they find themselves difficult to adjust and compromise, with the Indian salary and pay tax additionally. Such of those seafarers on foreign flag vessels instead continue to bring in substantial foreign-exchange, valuable to their country. The quality of service rendered by Captains and Chief Engineers on foreign flag vessels, are far superior and challenging, being not distracted from home-ports. They are more with their job with rich and long sea-experience keeping abreast with updates, technically competent, far superior than those working and doing mere administrative jobs in MMD`s, of the Directorate General Shipping, with lesser sea service, placed as senior officers, claiming false superiority over others, doing more harm to the active seafarers, harassing them in their monopolistic work-styles, which is not citizen- friendly. Anything done with a good-service motive has to thrive.

Transparency: To implement principles of transparency, participation by all relevant stake holders. Transparency promotes accountability by providing the public with information about what the Government is doing, for awareness of services rendered to the public.

Participation allows members of the public to contribute ideas and expertise so that their government can make policies with the benefit of information that is widely dispersed in society. Relevant inter-action will produce better results.

Collaboration improves the effectiveness of Government by encouraging partnerships and cooperation within across levels of government, between the Government and private institutions. Such open policy directive establishes deadlines for action with follow-ups, to advance their open government initiatives, well ahead of the deadlines.

a. Valueing TIME of the government machinery and the public, service-provider in Governments Departments to Publish Government Information Online, for wider and larger awareness. To increase accountability, promote informed participation by the public, and create economic opportunity, each agency shall take prompt steps to expand access to information by making it available online in open formats. Thus minimizing process time, improved quality service from practical feedbacks. Timely publication of information is an essential component of transparency. Delays should not be viewed as an inevitable and insurmountable consequence of high demand. With respect to information, the presumption shall be in favor of openness (to the extent permitted by law and subject to valid privacy, confidentiality, security, or other restrictions).

b. To the extent practicable and subject to valid restrictions, agencies should publish and update information online in an open format that can be retrieved, downloaded, indexed, and searched by commonly used web search applications. An open format is one that is platform independent, machine readable, and made available to the public without restrictions that would impede the re-use of that information. To the extent practical and subject to valid restrictions, agencies should proactively use modern technology to disseminate useful information, rather than waiting for specific request.

c. Providing a Forum to interact and share best practices on innovative ideas to promote transparency, including system and process solutions for information collection, aggregation, validation and dissemination. Includes, how to make service changes with new technologies.

d. Nation to take advantage of expertise and insight of people, both inside and outside the government and form high impact collaborations with researchers, the private sector and civil society.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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