July, 2005 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

Maritime transport world-over,is facing major Changes and Challenges to keep up to the times:realizing an ever increasing dependence of world economy in International Shipping,alongside a constantly decreasing limits of tolerance on deficiencies and defects in Ship`s Safety and the protection of the Marine Environment.

“Reduced manning levels and faster turnaround” are keeping seafarers on their toes,yielding to untold pressures,unlike the cool days on general cargo vessels,with increased manning and increased port stay,when the ageing of machineries were only thought of,while now owing to the competitive world of awakening changes,atrributes towards cost-effectiveness,with icreased safety are taken into serious consideration,through timely predictive maintenance monitoring for safety and machinery rejuvenation gaining importance with `TIME` as the most important factor avoiding bottlenecks,though the human population has multiplied for manpower resources in many countries.

In this most invvoted world of development surges,the long anticipated project,`Sethusamudram Ship Channel` has come into being with varied interest of the stakeholders,which was thought provoking.A historical and geographical feat of world sea-line chart mark appearing in the south-eastern part of india,between India and Sri Lanka.All the maritime nations to come together and view in a wider perspective angle,to present a common position on inernational maritime issues.Shipping needs therefore to be truly international,while trading from nation to nation,the watchword to be quality service,manned by qualified,commited and dedicated,duty and safety consicous,physically and mentally fit,efficient floating officers(Navigating Officers and Marine Engineers),carying the national image to where they belong.Ship owner/Manager needs to br in constant touch with the realities,overseeing its own active floating officers,feeling their pulse,enabling to keep-up their morale high at all times,ensuring smooth functioning,quick turnaround of vessels without compromising on “Safety”.

The emerging trend now-a-days is to employ smart young commerce graduates and groom them as “Administrative Assistants” to accomplish the increased documention work,maintenance of ship`s accounts etc.which are mandatory,by reporting to the Master,thereby assisting Senior offivers onboard the quick-turnaround tankers.This specilized training,being imparted at Applied Research International.New Delhi,with an object to relieve the over-stressed Navigating officers/Marine Engineers,to perform their primary tasks more responsibly ensuring ship`s safety and sea-worthiness at all times,preparedness/readliness to perform cargo loading and discharing e.t.c. in the most efficient manner,with a pursuit to excellence,on the pathway of perfection.Seafarer`s life of Lonliness,danger,separation from loved ones,living and working out at a sea with all the limitations and constraints out at sea,far away from their country of origin,with sacrifices and risks,in their mobility of profession,are just some of the problems that seafarers face,which needs to be recognized by the world community.

Coastal Security Plan,to be as good as the National Border Security Plan,by any maritime nation.The imperative need,for strengthening national intelligence.Emphasis on National Policing with a synergy of efforts e.g. in India,between the Indian Navy/Naval Coast Guard/Port Security/Coastal Police Security with an integrated effort,closely knitted to meet the challenging task of developing Coastal Shipping and inland water transport as well,coordinating with other Maritime Nations.This would ensure continuous upgrading of quality benchmark standards,assuring consistency with strong faculty and close partnerships,with other established universities and with leading shipyards and associated industrial organizations.

Mandatory corses be restricted to bare basic necessities,to curtail over-taxing the hard-earned holidays of the active seafarers,in due consideration of the valuable time of saefarers with their families.Uncomfortable practices and procedural norms lacking transparency and clarty in the adminstration of seafarer`s time ashore needs to be viewed pragmatically and updated accordingly.Time lag in meeting the concerned MMD officials causes concern to seafarers hailing from far of places,online queries need to be answered wherever feasible.Seafarer`s family is vey important to them ,for whom they are out at sea for earnings,the need to make time for them is imperative.Inner minds of the saefarers are in search of a balance between WORK and LIFE.Reseachers in Human Resources Manangement of seafarers have a vital role to play.Many seafarers feel overworked and would like to spend more time on their personnel lives. “Families and Work Institute” a New York Research Group states` one to enjoy work to reduce fatigue` and they are overwhelmed by their work.A common solution to this feeling of imbalance is to trade career successes for a fuller persnal life.Mr.Friedman,former FORD executive has taught his students by a step by step process,taking an inventory of what is importanat in their work and personnal lives,build support from employers and family members who believe in their goals and experiment to find the best way to accomplish all of them.Employers have an interest in helping their best workers integrate their lives,to avoid losing them to burnout.

Hence a study on the “seafarers work-life integration” is lacking,unlike study on work and life in shore establishments,which exists,to show students how to juggle work,family and community without sacrificing career goals.Harvard Business School includes worklife courses in its executive education classes.the body of international maritime experts is to also help raise the quality of seafarers work-life benchmark.The need for full time qualified faculty staffs that have the aptitude for imparting quality education,with a lien to academics,duty and quality consciousness.Certinaly, not relying only on those who sail and teach while on land, though guest while lectures will bring in changes/developments happening out at sea.it is crucia to strengthen sustainable environmental management and maritime safety.

Institutions world over mushroomed, to meet the global of international IMO conventions,in the wider-area of maritime Safety,Health and Environment,which reveals ” from imagination,towards reality ” for a ship being called a SHE and not because there is always a great deal of bustle around the ship,usually a gang of men.She has a waist and stays,it takes a lot of paint to keep her good looking.The need for an experienced man to handle her correctly,without a man at the helm,she is uncontrollable.While these days there is no restriction in a woman handling the helm,for which they exist.She shows her top sides,hides her bottom obvious for its structure and buoyancy.When comes into port,heads for the buoys,to hold the vessel during loading or discharging cargo since vessel resting on water.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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