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Falsifying the truth by all means for gain, engaging specialised mentoring criminal- lawyers, for criminals to be tutored, availing loop-holes in the legal- process, “bringing injustice to the innocent common-litigant”, throws- away the sanctity of the courts, from the minds of the common people. Watchdogs if any, to sincerely monitor the system for timely corrective action. Public service to be fair and clear, purposeful and meaningful. It is high-time, the honourable court administration, realises this for an early corrective-action. Justice should come to the common man irrespective of whether; it is from the lower or higher court……. Dr. Chandran Peechulli

Fullness of life comes with self contentment, live with self consciousness. Know yourself well, limit your desires, avoiding wastage, valuing the precious time and money, and non indulgence to violence, for peace and happiness……. Sai Sri R. Venkatakrishnan

“SEAMEN` – Professionally living and working out on the deep sea, are not to be exploited as slaves, by their employers without the due commitment, accountability and sense of responsibility. The governing national/international governing body should oversee and assure a minimum descent living wage and welfare of their family to whom they are the bread-winners. Seamen be duly compensated with human considerations, for their exceptional working conditions of occupational hazards, sacrifices, risks, stress, long working hours with loss of sleep etc, without asking for any legislation/Act, but for reasonably compensating to the relevant factors, without their making any battle of protests from external agencies who are exploiting them, all this owing to seamen`s inability to get together and express their genuine grievances to their employer or the National / Inter-national world bodies of governance. The human society of the world should view and realise that their predominant tasks out at sea,as employees in the world trade, be duly protected for their safety and security by their employers at all cost, assuring seamen live without fear or fervour, rooting out the piracy menace, in their professional life. While concessions to caste, creed, religion fanatics as quota considered in shore employment, why not consider employment of able-bodied brave fisher-men community into international shipping during this age of PIRACY MENACE. ” Professional superiority should come from one`s action and attitudes….. Capt. Arun Chandran

`National Governance` can create the good jobs our economy needs, by availing the abundance of available man-power, rewarding employers that improve job standards. An executive order to provide their employees with, among other things, a minimum descent living wage and welfare, reasonably compensating with due considerations, for the exceptional working conditions of risks, sacrifices, stress, long working hours with loss of sleep etc., without asking for any legislation/Act, but for reasonably compensating to the relevant required factors, without asking for any battle of protests, expressing to Management/National governance. Viewing employment potential, it is for the national governance to generate employment with more and better facilities. The nation urgently needs to create more and better jobs, utilising our explosive population figure, to activate the Indian manpower to boost the Indian economy by more and better productive methods. Many of our Indian workers are exploited with poor working conditions, lower wages, neglect of employee`s welfare especially in unorganised sector like shipping, since seafarers are handicapped to get together and express their genuine grievances through protest, unlike those working ashore. Safety and security of its employees are basic protections, which the shipping management cannot assure to its employees. Why? The National/International Maritime Administrations should solemnly promise and ensure that skilled and qualified men are licensed/authorised for employment out at sea, instead deviate with the primary intention of collecting funds into their coffers. There`s more. Why, despite years of scandals about contractor fraud and misconduct, do we continue awarding lucrative, taxpayer-funded contracts to scofflaw companies that violate core labor protections? BP is a case in point. BP received the largest penalty in OSHA history for failing to remedy safety violations that led to a fire and explosion, killing 15 workers at a Texas refinery in 2005. Yet it continues to receive lucrative federal military contracts (totaling $838 million just this year). In another example, a 2004 Labour Department study found 20,347 cases of employers with federal contracts failing to pay their workers even the minimum wages and benefits. The need for healthy competition for state contracts by expanding the pool of “good” firms that could compete on a level playing field. Minimum quality benchmark need to be arrived in international shipping and uniformly practiced. Rules for seafarers availing MMD services to be fair and clear. Ensure to practice what is preached good. “Humanity at the crossroads”; During the surge of scientific developments, that we are experiencing with the advent of the computers and communication, media has seen tremendous changes, bringing the world together with free exchange of thoughts and ideas amongst engineers, scientists, doctors and allied fields etc. However, the judiciary, continue to be kept at high esteem though for non-performance of timely justice, indiscipline lawyers taking law into their hands(T.O.I. Dtd.26.06.2007, 16.09.2008 etc. Chennai Edition).The common man suffers. Every professional in its kind is important i.e. as the CJI of Karnataka who has not set a model to others but for not respecting the professional seat of supreme held by him, which itself is regretted to note, while the common enlightened society do not want mis-carriage of justice, unreasonably dragged cases in courts with administrative deficiencies and defects in the legal process faced by the innocent clients as in the case of Cheque-bounce case, Saidapet Criminal Court CC827/2006&EP1782/2009 Land- grabbing case of an ex-serviceman in Bangalore City Civil Court i.e. O.S.345/2004 & R.A.117/2009. Its high time sincere CBI officers be asked to look into such cases as a watchdog and give justice, this innocent ex-serviceman totally harassed and humiliated to give-up, as he is fighting-out for justice incurring further unwanted money, time and efforts in his old age as a senior citizen or else it is like discouraging the loyal citizen to come forward to defend their nation from external threats. The need, for committed, dedicated and responsible public servants, to serve the people, in the national, inter-national and world body of governance. “Great acts are made up of small deeds to start with-initiate” Chief Justice of US Supreme Court John Marshall had once said: “Power of Judiciary lies not in deciding cases, nor in imposing sentences nor in punishing for contempt, but in the trust, faith and confidence of the common man”. Rules for seafarers availing MMD services to be fair, clear and fast. Ensure to practice what is preached well.


Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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