July 2015 Issue – Murder at Sea: Captured on Video, but killers go free

SEAFARERS are out of sight and hence out of the minds of the Indian Government, with neglect ion towards their welfare, while they bring valuable foreign exchange to their country of origin. The best way to make our elected government to realise its faulty policies, is to create an increased “public awareness” for e.g. view today’s news in the Times of India, chennai edition, pg.9, wherein our Honourable P.M. announced filling up of Joint- Secretary slots in six months, to ensure quick empanelment of non IAS Officers, for the same.

SHARJAH KHALID PORT, United Arab Emirates: A video shows at least four unarmed men being gunned down in the water. Despite dozens of witnesses, the killings went unreported and remain a mystery.

The man bobbing in the sea raises his arms in a seeming sign of surrender before he is shot in the head. He floats face down as his blood stains the blue water.