June 2017 Issue Bulker Crew Member Killed in ‘Berthing’ Accident in Québec

The meaning of tolerance in socio spiritual language is universal acceptance of views, way of life etc. Though the word universal is rather broad in sense but it is well neigh impossible for universal consensus of the definition. If God is said to be a point source in space there are infinite ways to approach or realize Him. There are infinite ways and infinite opinions are followed taking universe in to consideration. Taking our globe in to consideration there are thousands of ways and many religions, sects, followers are scattered with different cultures and opinions regarding God and the ways to realize Him. As told no two human are similar as well as their mind, so the people around the globe live a different style of life, so their attitude towards society is different. Their clothing or food habits are different. How the people of two different cult can accept the opinion of different people other than their cult in sameway. The people with higher knowledge define tolerance as a compromise with the feelings of other people. Taking a neutral view is a good quality with no imposition of our thoughts on other or hampers their thoughts. ENERGETIC VALID THOUGHTS BUILD PROGRESSIVE PATHWAY TO GLOBAL ECONOMY. Thoughtful inter-actions imperative from all stake holders.


Transportation Safety Board of Canada has launched an investigation into a fatal accident involving the geared bulk carrier Nord Quebec at the port of Trois-Rivières in Québec.

According to media reports, a 38-year-old Filipino crew member of the bulk carrier was killed after he was hit in the head by a steel cable during a docking maneuver at the port on Monday. The TSB, describing the incident as a “berthing occurrence”, said it is sending a team of investigators to the port to gather information and assess the incident.

The 36,546 Nord Quebec is flagged in Singapore and was built in 2013. AIS data showed that the vessel was moored at the port as of Tuesday. It was not immediately clear when exactly the ship had arrived in Trois-Rivières.

Trump’s $575 Billion Defense Budget Delays Promised Buildup

Trump’s campaign promise for a 350-ship Navy will have to wait at least a year. The 2018 budget proposal includes the purchasing of eight additional battle force ships – the same number set out by the Obama administration – including: one Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft Carrier; two Virginia Class submarines; two Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers; one Littoral Combat Ship; one John Lewis Class Fleet Replenishment Oiler; and one Towing, Salvage, and Rescue ship. The Navy, however, has said it would