March, 2007 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

Computers have come into being, as a blessing to one and all, to share our concerns, for the information available on any topic to be viewed and discussed online, far and wide. The whole world of information has come into our finger tips and it appears as though the whole world has been brought closer, since we are able to talk to friends and relatives living in the other part of the world. Computers are also used in forecasting the weather, which again proves to be more efficient and useful.

Natural disasters can be predicted using computers and necessary evacuation of people can be carried out to reduce the damage. The evolution of digital photography enables us to send pictures to our loved ones living far off in another country, just at the click of the mouse. E-Mail has made it easier and faster to communicate with each other rather than using the traditional means of sending letters by post, comparably unreliable, consuming more time, more efforts, gets lost in transit etc., while it is a boon now to the present seafaring community. The old timers would agree with me that we were looking out for mail packets in the hands of the Agent`s Representative, while the vessel comes alongside. Seafarers are now able to freely communicate with the advent of computers. Internet may seem to be a blessing in disguise, though some negative effects of unlawful activities prevail on account of terrorists who plan their sinful activities. A recent incident of abuse of powers, by the Management of Merchant Navy Club, Kochi, causing insult and unfairness meted out by a seafarer, when notified by an investigative reporting to the Management of “Marine Waves`, we had plunged into action, in the interest of Seafarers welfare, the very same day of incident over the e-mail to the office of the Directorate General (Shipping), promptly responded, regretting the incident and assured corrective action for the future, ensuring fair practice in Merchant Navy Clubs. E-Mail is catching up these days with offices and establishment, owing to commitment, valuing the precious moments of time, accountability and responsibility.

Likeminded E-Mail groups are formed, to discuss major issues on various topics of concern with intelligence sharing with clinching output of evidence and the situations have risen that the actions of the judiciary is also brought under the scanner. An influential section of the legal fraternity strongly favours association of an “outsider” with the proposed National Judicial Council, a mechanism meant for dealing with errant judges. A call to recognize the rights of crime victims.

Rajya Sabha Committee says place Rules on all Acts on the Net. Move to usher in greater transparency in law making. We need to look forward for dgshipping website, with much more transparency and clarity in line with the international maritime organisation. However, It was not expected, for the directorate to neglect the valued ideas expressed as constructive criticism instead encouraging them. Systemic failures: prevailing system is not sensitive to the plight of the seafarers. The nation needs to probe into this issue with concern. Time is ripe, for a reality check and improve the system of policing.

The Supreme Court Justice Markandeya Katju said “Everywhere, we have corruption. Nothing is free from corruption. Everybody wants to loot this country. The only solution for this menace is to hang a few on the lamp post, in public, so that it acts as a deterrent on others.”

“Ego and Desire” are two evils, “Let a man lift himself by himself; let him not degrade himself; for the self alone is the friend of the self and the self alone, is the enemy of the self.

1. Adhere to ethical norms in all dealings, government, industry, institutions, customers, suppliers, employees etc. Sort out differences within ourselves, instead of allowing it to grow, wasting the precious time for e.g. confusing others of “competency and not degrees that we produce for shipping “. We need to first of all understand the desired degree/level of competence, at various grades. One need to pause and think, as to What makes, passing-out qualified candidates of TS Chanakya / DMET to the degree level of equivalency, which wasn`t so earlier, it is still the competency and the degree of learning that we are talking about. Hence, there is always scope to enhance knowledge to meet the changing times, as knowledge is infinite. There are many related areas that can be touched upon e.g. Ship / Port / Coastal / Ocean Management, Carriage of Hazardous materials etc. Should we blindly continue to rely on labels and bill of lading:-

a. How the law affects you and how to comply with the Law.

b. How to identify a hazardous material shipment.

c. Equipment – You must have, when hauling hazardous materials shipment.

d. Loading and unloading Rules for all hazardous materials shipment.

e. Class of shipments: Explosives, Flammable liquids, Gases, Corrosive liquids, poisonous materials/gases, oxidizers, radio-active materials etc.

f. Awareness listing of Hazardous substances, Marine Pollutants and special provisions.

Knowledge based training will allow specialisation and growth for in depth study. A certified officer or engineer will then be nevertheless than a graduate level and a Captain or a Chief Engineer COC holder, be in par with Masters of international standing with an opening to do research with computer aided studies or else the unique rich experiences of out at sea goes untapped. Foreign/Ocean-going COC holders need to stand out from the crowd from those sailing with harbour-craft, fishing vessels, coastal vessels etc. Let us wish “INDIA” , always take the lead for Knowledge Management.

Treat people with respect and concern; provide opportunities to learn contribute and advance; recognize and reward initiative, innovativeness and creativity.

Manage environment effectively for harnessing opportunities. Discharge responsibilities to all sections of society and preserve environment.

Maintain an organizational climate conducive to trust, open communication and team spirit, whether it is manufacturing or services, grow in an accelerated manner, consistent with values and beliefs.

The Managemant of “Marine Waves”, look forward for early reformation, in actions.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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