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“The willingness to accept responsibility for one`s own life, is the source from which self-respect springs.” It is firmly believed that it is important to keep one abreast of the happenings, lest we take refuge in our ignorance. I would ask myself, as to how can one be at peace when so much was going wrong? So much of what we see is poorly checked for facts with no rigorous analysis. There do seem to be ideas worth pursuing. Serious journalism is under threat in our country because of over-commercialization.

Calls for, attitudinal changes of Mariners in the Mercantile Marine department (MMD) or release them on VRS, inducting competent personnel`s who can sincerely work for the seafarers and the nation, in a fair-manner to boost Indian image. Dr.Chandran Peechulli, “Marine Waves” * Its high time, they advice the eligible candidates who are repeatedly failed in exams., with a solution, as to what and where they lack, for failing in the examinations after their several attempts, losing foremost the valuable “TIME”, running into many years(3+) and months together, which is most precious to their respective life-span. Such of those failed candidates had successfully passed-out initially from DG Shipping approved Maritime Instn./Colleges, from those faculty-members, nevertheless qualified C.O.C. than that of MMD Examiners, added to more rich sea-experience and subjective knowledge than them, doing administrative desk jobs. Hence suspect foul-play in the system. *A comprehensive outlook lacks for implementing fairness in the system, which the Ministry of Shipping should seriously note (citizen`s woe).

Being a social activist and a responsible citizen of India, viewing seafarers welfare, it is my endeavor to make a wider coverage with the deepest analysis and the sharpest insights of areas, where the seafarers are made to suffer, by exposing the loopholes and concealed facts, viewing and producing solutions, for timely corrective actions, which is my priority since the seafarers live with risks and sacrifices, on oceangoing vessels doing hazardous jobs out on the deep seas additionally with the scare of pirates, within their inner conscience, during these modern times. Employers, of the relevant shipping companies and their national maritime administration`s prime concern, are to view their welfare, humanistically. No control exercised as yet for such human souls venturing out to sea of which how many returns. INDoS introduced several years back is not fool-proof. Being in the world shipping trade, they earn substantial foreign-exchange to their country of origin, for which “What does the country give back to them (seafarers)”, unlike the shore staff, in welfare or in compensation of return? Government should ensure that at least a good service from the Mercantile Marine Departments, when seafarers are supposed to transact during their precious hard-earned leave ashore but for harassment and humiliation, which is not expected in a sovereign democratic republic country, that of ours. This poor quality of administration and neglect to seafarer`s needs are owing to corruption within, creating unwanted self-importance by deliberate delay, tempting the seafarers to grease the palms of the concerned, which is needless to say.” “Corrupted people have a good network of being united” A good citizen cannot be a silent spectator to the wrong happenings nor a messenger without verifying the facts. Proper acknowledgement is not given for the important documents that are submitted since the authorities concerned do not want to be committed to take responsibility, as simple as that if goes lost, which is at the cost of the seafarers submitting the documents. Secularism alone is nothing while compromising with the quality of administration.

Let`s Think of what a precious privilege, to be a human-being and to breathe healthily alive with fresh thoughts and the sparkling resultant of good bright ideas, be turned into productive action, which is more important than ideas left unexposed and undone. Please come up with your valued suggestions, which are open to all citizens for viable implementation, contributing towards our national development. Adhere to live and to let live, to love and think to enjoy doing good things in continuance with a good moral character for the generations of the future to follow. Always remember that gains achieved without pain, generally by the opportunistic, crooked, and lazy and the lethargic, through short-cuts are short-lived. Build-in the national-spirit; consider the solidarity of Indian citizens, as unity is strength. The political issues of splits into bits and pieces are not encouraging, appears certain bad internal elements backed by external forces are at work, forgetting unity is strength. It`s not whether we have migrants in our place. All of us have them in our states, districts, others in their countries. The issue is that when we have so many of them and they start to get the cream, take over the business, the fruits, and treat the residents like a part of “locals”, by design or default, start to take away their jobs, opportunities and then start colluding with the biggies and hobnobbing with the state and authorities, of things in their personal favour, then it hurts and it can hurt bad and big. One could tolerate this, until a certain level but not beyond a point. Naturally it starts feeling unfair and not right. Come together with an amicable solution. This is and was, what it was not meant to be or supposed to be! To recall your memory, British came here as migrants, as people who were searching jobs and business, we welcomed them initially but look back what happened in the long run. We had to fight them tooth and nail and sacrifice millions of lives in the process and throw them out! Let`s have the identity as Indian and view our fellow-men alike.

So, all the talk and history of the freedom struggle, is a waste and useless. We could have lived under them and progressed, instead of fighting among ourselves. (Some still believe that would have been a good idea!). Sure go ahead, we anyway are under cultural imperialism when we have sold our souls and minds and thoughts to the other world and cherish the thoughts of being like them one day! The best would be to find ourselves together, sorting out differences and not allowing differences to grow. Only then could we say that we are heading for peacefulness, happiness and prosperity.

Migrations are natural, even desirable in some parts as good but let us not overdo it and throw the baby with the bathwater. Let us not “miss the point” make either rather naive comparisons or politically correct one, just for the sake of it. I have no political color or shade when I say this, but I can understand the pain, the feeling of the local and regional. We do so much speak so much for the vanishing tiger or the polar bear or the riddled turtle, I hope the days are not far, for seafarers to get their genuine voice heard and redressed. We shall also know as to what the mariners, who opted for shore service, feel about the guilt, which earlier envied them?

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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