March, 2011 -

As gold is tested in four ways by rubbing, cutting, heating and beating so a man should be tested by these four things: His renunciation, his conduct, his qualities and his actions. – Chanakya Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life. – James Allen Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. – William James Our daily life outlook focuses upon the needed cost and quality consciousness, reporting with transparency, commitment and responsibility which are looked upon in our lively world as progressive march. Today, in India, beliefs, which are often merely unsupportable opinions? That valued higher than knowledge is based on evidence and supported by logic. Mankind has become creedal, ideological. Ideological groups, however, consist of true believers who cannot be persuaded. Mankind has divided itself into impersuasible groups that clash with each other. Ordinarily, people consider such groups to be religious. People holding incompatible notions cannot agree. Sooner or later, the result is either a religious war or total separation. But antagonistic groups arise everywhere. Capitalists and Socialists will never agree; Capitalism and Socialism are incompatible ideologies. Neither will Democrats (who truly represent the people) and Republicans (who represent the commercial class) or environmentalists and exploitationists. Every ideology becomes a religion, and every religion has its own solution to every problem. Because mankind has abandoned knowledge for belief, peace on earth has become an impossible dream. Even logical enterprises like science have become creeds. Just as Christians believe that the second coming will solve all of mankind’s problems, many now believe that technology will. But no one knows that; it’s a mere belief. When the results of technology are examined, it becomes obvious that technology is at least as harmful as it is beneficial. It, after all, has given mankind weapons of massive destruction which may be used to annihilate everyone. It has also given mankind the means that enable governments to watch everyone. Technology has provided governments with totalitarian tools that are more effective than any mankind has previously known. Plato and Aristotle surely must have known how important belief was even in the minds of their fellow Greeks and the deleterious effects of it. So, both Plato and Aristotle sought to replace belief in people’s minds with knowledge which is what every Platonic dialog does. Plato and Aristotle knew that only when mankind adopts evidence and logic can people become perusable and only persuasion can remove the ideological conflicts that divide mankind into antagonistic groups. Hence, Courts of law irrespective of its level (Lower courts, High Courts and as well as Supreme Court) should stand as a testimony to prove justice right and lead the way to the common citizen of the nation when approached, irrespective of the lawyer who attends, as the common citizen cannot distinguish, owing to non-familiarity of the new legal area, further considering affordability, reliability etc. Further, the Court should primarily feel obliged to step in when and where the executive fails in his duty, i.e. possible only when they could set an example for themselves, by their own acts, adhering to the code of professional ethics, maintaining the decency and decorum of the office held by them, which the common citizen aspire. Increasing number of countries across the world looks to expand their economies these days via. International Trade, correspondingly the increasing demand of fleet personnel to meet the same. Hence, we can look forward for better employment prospects on coast-guard ships, merchant navy vessels, besides demand for Ship- Repairers with innovative economical, reclamation repair jobs as well, Designers with Naval Architects, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering background, Shipyards, Original and Ancillary Equipment/Spares Manufacturers, meeting to international standards, as Shipping is international. It is not out of place to mention here that during my tenure as a floating Chief Engineer, grave mistake was noticed in a shipyard, which was referring to our national standard BIS(isi), which was contrary to international practice. Same was notified to the Director General, B.I.S., with follow-ups and corrective-action taken, excused themselves putting the blame on to their committee, B.I.S. therefore restricting to their limitation of performing documentation-process only. Thanks to the computer-age, which plays a vital role to affective inter-actions? INDIA can rule the world of shipping with the abundance of talented qualified mariners. When all the veterans of navigation and engineering in India get together sharing their rich theoretical knowledge and hands on rich practical experience, with a common standard approach to keep improving and forming affective quality benchmark, keeping to the times, thereby keep developing their professional skills with due consideration of personal safety, which can positively produce productive results of shipping development. Thorough professionals to shed their ego, differences etc., to utilize the new breed of young qualified mariners into making the real difference to the wheels of INDIA’s industrial progress.