March 2015 Issue

Government to boost investment in the shipping sector; lays thrust on inland waterways.

My dear Readers:

Should we Mariners /Seafarers, continue to be submissive to all such acts of terrorism’s, out on the deep seas/oceans, in this most innovated age of 21st century, experiencing the surge of scientific and technological-advancements of innovated developments, rapid generation of computers and modern communication gadgets. Seafarers are those who make ‘world trade’ to be alive and active
and make them possible. 

Union Minister for Shipping Nitin Gadkari has said that the government is keen on boosting investment in the shipping sector with a special thrust on promoting inland water transport and coastal shipping.

Speaking at the International Day of the Seafarers in Mumbai today, Mr Gadkari said ‘”Infrastructure development is the backbone of the economy, and we need to invest in it adequately. Besides it also creates employment opportunities”