May, 2007 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk


To excel in any profession, the need for commitment and dedication should come from within, not comparing those who keep counting money and eye on the clock. The need to focus on upgrading quality- standards, from time to time, enabling timely corrective action, keeping workplace safety culture with discipline, valuing “TIME” which is most precious.

The lethargic, finds only easy ways of making fast money at others cost, other ways known as criminals. They find their easy jobs more stressful. Sincere, honest and hardworking-people enjoy their work and produce more and excellent results, find their jobs less stressful, since they make their work enjoyable. A pleasant and happy mind-set will reflect on how one serves better. Self criticism and constructive criticism by peers can spur the urge to do better, which is ideal, though seldom realized or practiced.

I would rather call upon all the mariners to share their rich experience out at sea, into successful case study, for development. Mariners opting to teaching jobs ashore, need to be computer-proficient, irrespective of whether they be old timers or not, the need to keep abreast, moving with the times of new technology, knowing more from the internet world, inter-act by exchanging their thoughts. The three components which are Computers, Connectivity and Commitment. Followed by Content learning and communication. Have a lien towards academics, quest for learning. Theory and Practice should go hand in hand, with a pragmatic approach of a holistic view. Real education, can only give you the power to change. “The illiterate of the 21 century will not to be those who can not read and write but those who can not learn, unlearn & relearn”….. Alvin Toffler. Knowledge is infinite and hence studying needs to be a continuous process to keep abreast with their related relevant subjects, an urge to know more and more for enhancing and imparting knowledge. At sixty, I am a student of Madras University; enjoy being a student. Mind is a think-tank. We need to use it more and more to make it more “Effective and Productive”. Idleness of brain will bring in evil thoughts, known as devil`s workshop. Age is not the only factor of retirement criteria but for our mental make-up and physical strength to withstand varied situations.

“Professional Ethics and Human Values” authored by Prof.D.R.Kiran, published by Tata McGraw Hill, covers in depth aptly the various ingredients of professional ethics and human values which are essential. We see comprehensive integration of integrity, honour, dignity, safety, health to brighten human life by values like love, purity, compassion, truthfulness, tolerance, spirit of service, coherence, unity of purpose etc. Congratulations to Anna University for having included these vital aspects as core subject in the pre-final year, for all branches of B.E. and B.Tech. courses. India is totally committed being the world`s one of the largest democratic countries. We believe in the concept of “Unity in Diversity”. Hence, to preserve our democratic right and freedom, it is the bounden duty of each and every citizen of this country to nurture discipline for sustenance and for the well-being of all of us. Discipline is the key ingredient of democracy. Unless, discipline is well understood and followed meticulously, the style of management will not be effective.

Discipline is nothing but a chain of four links. First and foremost is ethics dealing with moral duties and obligations, concerned with truth and justice, expectations of society, competition, public-relations, social responsibilities etc. All key aspects of these four vital links are blended together by suitable integration to sustain discipline in human life and in an environment for ultimate betterment of humanity: Code of ethics/conduct/ character/Oneness or Integrity.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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