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It is better to conquer yourself than to win thousand battles. Then, the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion…………..Gautama Buddha.

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.
If a devotee is about to fall, I stretch out my hands to support him……………Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Whose meditation is real and effective? Who can really surrender to the will of god? Only the person, whose mind has been purified by selfless work…………..Swami Vivekanandhar.

Education without human values, does not produce the right citizens…………..Sri. Sai R Venkatakrishnan.”MarineWaves”

Indian media itself lacks openness to accept the facts, not even half a step towards openness, owing to increased needs, an emboldened step needed by the enlightened citizens to strengthen RTI Act 2005. to benefit the `Law abiding, loyal, patriotic citizens.` Like everything else in India, media too is also changing rapidly, along with other activities but it is largely State-controlled, owing to the ever increasing power share of the states, with disparity and discrimination, non-cooperative states fighting amongst each other with self-interest in mind, lacking a broader perception and understanding that of a citizen of one nation, thereby centre losing control, weakening the solidarity in unity as one nation, while the neighbour nations are watching us, to exploit the situation. The fear is that public at large will hold politicians accountable for their perceived weakness on crime and, as such, this is a perception that politicians want to avoid at all costs – no matter what the evidence says regarding the effectiveness of “get tough on crime” measures. Fortunately for those fearing the perception of weakness, state budget crises all across America are enabling lawmakers to also use public finances as a justification for the increased use of electronic monitoring, otherwise known as “tethering,” on those in the criminal justice system. Instead of viewing in a wider perspective angle and under-standing the true deficiencies and defects, for timely corrective action, instead of enlarging the situation of defects and deficiencies to grow, know each other clearly, prioritise to rectify them early and look forward to improvise the situation with the requisite scope for developments. Corruption being the root cause of all these evils, causing clouded and polluted state of affairs. Citizens whether employed in the private or public sector to be united for the noble cause of bettering the image of our own nation first, in the global scenario through international-programmes, events of technological inter-face etc. Hard-hitting reports, editorials etc. would have been unthinkable, prior to the technological surge of developments especially by computers and advancement in the speed of communications in its clarity and sound. Not just the content, even the design has undergone tremendous and rapid changes. `Change at times comes thick and fast… the press does sometimes expose and criticise official wrongdoings to citizen`s and for the nations benefit, as in the case of Karnataka Chief Justice. Professional veterans nowadays turn into Editors and Publishers to express their expertise views, by way of constructive criticism, as their valued contributions for reforms in their editorial page, as in attracting public-eyes, with a perception to wider publicity. What causes concern is the real little transformation, at snail`s rate. Lawlessness of lawmakers is a blot on a democratic system that requires settlement of issues through parallel debates and discussion, for increased expositions to remove the loopholes in law and speed-up delayed litigations, with increased transparency and better responsible commitments to larger benefits of the Indian society towards justice. i.e. Ex-serviceman`s land grabbed in Bangalore and he is harassed and humiliated from 2004 and continued to be attending courts, despite reporting to the highest office of the high court and as well as the supreme court of the country for help, delayed case of cheque bounce owing to loopholes in law, despite reporting to the highest office of the high court and as well as the supreme court of the country. Sanctity of the courts is being therefore lost, in the public eyes. It`s high time the Central Bureau of Investigation Department is assigned early to look into the reality of the case for instilling justice to the common man, thus to rejuvenate the disturbed mental health of its citizen.

It is high time, the examiners in the office of the Directorate General Shipping, paves the way for uniform syllabus, for various grades of CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY, inter-acting with the educational authorities and associated departments. Professional-life, flowers best in situations where collaboration and partnership with others is the norm, and where there is mutual trust and understanding. However, when seafarers are driven to deliver results on the basis of unhealthy comparisons, there is trouble. As a matter of fact, in reality Viva Voce (Oral)examination, need to be dispensed off, as it is only causing harassment and humiliation to the seafarers, detained in port cities, away from their home-town. MMD Examiners of the office of the Directorate General Shipping are the ones who gain early entry into the department obviously with less neither sea-service nor superior by their entry qualification, without much competition (records will speak)owing to compromising with the government scale of pay, comparing with the high salary paid as floating staff for the professional risks (occupational hazards and personal sacrifices, living away from their close and near dear ones.) added to performing more of administrative desk jobs, but claiming false superiority over others, doing more harm to the active seafarers at sea. This is to remind our colleagues, of their path into MMD, opted early for shore service in government; A Principal Officer of MMD had abused his powers to advise maritime institutions not to sponsor “Marine Waves”, which was not his business, to feel about the guilt instead envied them, for their own reasons of attitude. `Law needed against the black sheep in Mercantile Marine Department`s of our nation.

The need therefore for a holistic approach, where every aspect of seafarer`s lives – physical, psychological, emotional and social is integrated and looked into realistically. A value-driven organization has a different mindset. The open way of functioning would ensure that each seafarer is valued for what he can contribute. No unfavorable comparisons are made. If at all, comparison be meant is to create a higher benchmark and so is inspirational. Professionals are required to be not just excellent in their jobs but also display evolved qualities that makes less militant and more cooperative, less of a complainer and more of a doer. This should not be exploited by the employer for self-interest, by unfair trade practices but for best practice solutions, considering in-depth understanding of maritime legal requirements and strategic business knowledge on the industry`s expectations of turning out quality cadets and result-oriented officers and engineers. MARITIME INSTITUTIONS to impart, latest updates keeping abreast of the various regional and international Shipping and Maritime Regulations. The fees collected from students, should also have reasonable relation to the cost and consider admissions based on merit. Residential Institutions to ensure reasonably good food in quantity and quality, is served hygienically, timely etc. and good housekeeping of the candidate`s accommodation, subject to periodical and surprise checks, by duty- conscious authorities concerned. Merchant Navy, being the second line of defence, uniformed, disciplined service to the nation it belongs and stringent administrative rules and regulations to be instilled in the educational campus, giving no room for any in-disciplinary acts, but for smooth functioning, congenial living and studying atmosphere and a peaceful soothing effect to the parents of students who have entrusted their wards investing their hard-earned money and / or from education loan availed, to be paid back with interest.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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