May, 2011 – Maritime Safety and Security in the Asia Pacific

The United States must shape a five-nation triangular axis involving India to address the emerging set of concerns and maintain long-term stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region, Michael Auslin, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, said on Monday. In his key-note address at a panel discussion on ‘Maritime Safety and Security in the Asia Pacific,’hosted by the Center for Asia Studies and the US Consulate General, chennai, Mr. Auslin said that it was time for the U.S. to move beyond the “hub-and-spoke” model, which had structured its alliances in Asia for over a half-century and formulate a strategy that considered the sweeping arc – Japan-South East Asia- India – as one integrated region. Mr. Auslin advocated an outer triangle linking the U.S. with major allies, Japan, South Korea, Australia and India that could address geopolitical issues, set the security agenda and foster peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.