November, 2014 – Indians Sailors Trapped Abroad – Cry for Justice

My cry for justice: I am Rochet Muller, a Sailor in a Merchant Ship in the rank of Chief Officer and holding a Panama Master Certificate. On 20th September 2011, I went to Jakarta from Mumbai for the purpose of renewal of my Panama Master Certificate, as advised by my friend who obtained it from Indonesia. It is easier and faster when compared to Mumbai T.S. Rahman and also to find an opportunity in P.P. Offshore Vessel. On arrival at Jakarta, I hired a taxi from the airport and found a taxi driver, who managed to speak a little broken English. So I requested him to remain with me. Later, as I was told by the concerned people in Panama Consulate that the renewal request would be processed next month, I departed to Mumbai the next day. The same taxi driver stayed with me till my departure next day. On my return to airport he requested me to spare some time to drop in at his home for half an hour. Out of courtesy and good will, I purchased some chocolates and cosmetics to reward his kindness towards me.