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The person whose mind is always free from attachment, who has subdued the mind and senses, and who is free from desires, attains the supreme perfection of freedom from karma through renunciation…… Bhagavad Gita 18.49

Whether a person is young or old, a servant or a ruler, poor or rich, each one has to do their duty to their best, with a sense of commitment, loyalty, discipline, transparency and responsibility, as the future of the nation rests with its own citizen, which comes from their own ambitious thoughts, put in with their sincere zeal and energy…… Dr. Chandran Peechulli.

The attitude of all living-beings, we see and sense in this world, are nothing but the product of their own thoughts. What one thinks, the way it behaves? Our thoughts create reality. Choose positive thoughts in order to create a positive environment…… Capt. Arun Chandran.

Mistakes are made at many different(various)levels, in all walks of life, in human resources whether it be constructional/ manufacturing/services etc. Mistakes are being caused, accidents are made out. Inevitable sequence of events follows as `err is human`. Human-error, caused by one of the three reasons: lack of or poor training, ignorance or an over estimation of their skill and experience. `We see too many crew members who obviously got their licenses and certificates, off the shelves, or under the influence of money, muscle-power, recommendations of higher-ups etc. And who pass the medical examinations (when) seriously ill (yet are) testified fit for service. E.g. Martin Hernqvist, MD of the Swedish Club Academy touched on the sensitive issue, of the influence of culture on the individual`s ability to challenge mistakes and unsafe acts quoting the Power Distance Index as a measure of different cultures and their behaviours, which is all crime and unfair practice. However, we humans are the people makin It is possible that equipment manufacturing, construction and application of the same, could indeed be relevant in regards the direct cause of the mistake/problems as well. It is also noted that poor quality equipment or the lack of the proper equipment would also have a direct effect on the vessels ability, as well as the crews. It seems that at times decision-makers mental ability/knowledge often clouds and often over rules the possibility for a more knowledgeable, wiser out come. Even the best sea salted operators have to deal with the equipment and conditions they are given to operate in. Mature knowledge able adult communication about relevant matters would work wonders for making needed corrections and resolvement of issues. Sometimes even actual cost will be the reason to turn a blind eye, until lawyers arrive for liability issues/matters. Taking the time to do real, quality and factual discovery to make the best choices, would be most productive. Consider and compare the relevant issues. If a better pl Properly monitored e-learning, will make training more affordable in time and money, for all our mariners, more particularly valuing the precious time earned from out at sea. Mariners worldwide should rely on approved maritime schools/institutions /Colleges/Universities or approved commercial venues, which are professionally abreast with the times, of updates. We, would still like to see STCW as common and uniform in the curriculum, meeting the international seafarer`s practical needs of requirement, except for some negligible customary norms. It can be delivered easily with existing PC based programs. Stricter norms needed, to check frauds. Enlightened readers are aware that an editorial is an opinion piece written by a senior editorial staff or publisher of a newspaper or magazine, are though usually unsigned and may be supposed to reflect the opinion of the periodical. In the UK, these unsigned columns are known as “leading articles”. In major newspapers, such as the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Editorials are classified under the heading “opinion”. Editorials may also be in the form of editorial cartoons. Typically, a newspaper`s editorial board evaluates, which issues are important for their readership to know, e.g. the newspaper`s (MARINE WAVES)` opinion, goes without bias and prejudice. It is not out place to mention here, that it is almost a decade, since I have been writing, in the interest of the seafarers.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter.

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