October 2016 Issue Revering the Mariners’ Finest Traditions at Sea

“Discipline and freedom are not mutually exclusive, but mutually dependent, because without discipline you would sink into chaos.” – Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist
Nurture Trees : When a tree is wantonly cut down, its voice rings from one end of the earth to the other.
Do not destroy trees… A man’s life is sustained by trees. Just as others planted for you, plant for the
sake of your children. – Old Testament
The Liberator : The Shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd
as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act, as the destroyer of liberty. – Abrahan Lincoln

Search and Rescue (SAR) of persons in distress at sea is one of the noblest act that is undertaken by Coastal Nations in a systemised manner.The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) – A National Authority for Maritime SAR services in Indian Search and Rescue Region (ISRR),which spans over an area of 4.6 Million Sq Km. Rescuing over 8000 preciouslives in the past three decades stands testimony to the SAR efforts of the Indian Coast Guard, thereby reposing confidence and carved a niche’ among the Maritime Community.Availability ofa suitable SAR unit to reach the distressed vessel, is at times restricted due to vast distances and severe weather conditions. In order to overcome the limitation, the Indian Coast Guard requests potential Merchantmen, traversing the seas, to reach the area for rendering possible assistance to the Mariners in distress that are beyond the immediate reach of the SAR resource agencies.

The Captain of the Merchantman has an obligation to render assistance to those in distress at sea regardless of their Nationality, States or circumstances in which they are found. This is a long standing Maritime tradition as well as an obligation enshrined in the International Maritime Law. Compliance with this obligation is essential to preserve the integrity of Maritime Search and Rescue services. The Captains of the ships, though obligated to render assistance to fellow Mariners in distress at sea,are also to prudently undertake such rescue act without jeopardizing the safety of their own vessel. Over the years,global economy has shifted its