September, 2006 – Editor`s Page

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From the Editor`s Desk

While there is a Global demand for well-qualified officers and ratings in merchant navy, which is growing? India needs to tap this vital potential. Philippines are much ahead of us, from revenue earned through their seafarers. China has several maritime universities, whereas India does not even have one.

Hence, to fulfill the growing demand of Indian seafarers, in the global maritime sector, the imperative need for imparting best quality training and education for operational skill- building, vessel management instilling discipline and employ those who have the aptitude and the will to sincerely work hard, to be ” work and time conscious”, which would better the image of Indian maritime workforce, Followed with up gradation/refresher courses, from time to time, makes them meet the demand from time to time.

Indian officers and Ratings are earning accolades for their work in the shipping business, bringing in foreign exchange worth over $25 million every year to the country. Hence, the need for overall quality up gradation, resulting in improved quality benchmark, consistent track record, resulting in world-class maritime services at the most cost-effective price commensurate with local environment. The imperative need for a National Maritime Authority, with wide powers to control and co-ordinate, integrate maritime activities. Importance of education, in the maritime sector has not been adequately felt owing to lack of trained qualified faculty staff with teaching aptitude, since based on C O C`s approved by the office of the DGS, with an ill conceived notion. Yet to make an impact in the quality of teaching, research, educational ambience, governance and accreditation of affiliated institutions, which needs a total overhaul.

India needs to build a good vision for the “oceans and the seas” which needs to be done in a sustainable way by maintaining and improving the status of the resource upon which all maritime activities are based, while the importance of shipping appears to be relatively little known to the public at large. While the intense marine pollution, is caused by the inhabitants of the coastal regions. We can be most successful “if we manage to bring together the best ideas and the best minds” within India first. Though, Professionals” who have had ample and rich experience in dealing with people and multifarious activities, from countries other than their own, their writing forms “a ring of focus with authenticity and authority” to absorb with reliance. Constructive criticisms need to be encouraged in all spheres of life, which would be the seeds to progressive development, if taken in the right spirit and perspective. Progresses do not just come of it`s own, it`s a culmination of sincere efforts of principles to succeed, with innovative and creative ideas with an open mind, with certain amount of discipline, dutifulness, dedication etc. Some one therefore, needs to initiate and contribute their mite for others to join (extend cooperation) and pave the way to progress. In competencies of the certified competent person, also needs to be addressed now and then for corrective action, to realign the framework of the said mindset, disturbed owing to various reasons, while the safety of others onboard could be jeopardized. Professionals get outdated in their respective discipline, if they do not keep abreast to the times of development.

The promotion of social work education and practice globally and locally, with the purpose of building a truly integrated international profession, that reflects social work`s capacity, to respond appropriately and effectively, in education and practice terms, to the various global challenges, that have a significant impact, on the well being of the concerned large sections, based on an integrated perspectives approach, that synthesizes global, human rights, ecological and social development perspectives, of international solutions and the relevant responses to them. Seafarer`s welfare need to be looked into, as this area is very badly neglected.

Lack of Marine Standards, Standards are not well formulated, owing to Bureau of Indian Standards, doing mere documentation work with short-sighted vision, lacking subject knowledge, neither inducting the right expertise with design knowledge into their committee, nor by outsourcing the same. The so called marine surveyors of national maritime administration have also overlooked grave mistake in Marine-Indian Standards used in Indian Shipyards. There is also an imperative need to outsource the conducting of examinations to seafarers, viewing the mushroomed maritime institutions in the country, lacking the right faculty staff. An attitudinal change is needed within the maritime administration, for not being moved to the feedback received into dgshipping website. Accidents need to be reported, but on reporting-in practice, factual incident into Seafarers Forum, same not further entertained/but stopped? without giving reason? Allow them, to vent their feelings, encouraging feedback and adhere to morality, truth and ethical norms, during this age of RTI Act 2005, in force. Govt. machinery, need to assure the Indian seamen also of a just and fair view to their welfare, while the job in the only owned Public Sector ( SCI ) of the nation also is unsecured, why this discrimination in citizen`s rights and privileges? While the nation has enacted the “National Rural Employment Guarantee Act”, though the seamen is a part of their own people(citizen), fetching foreign exchange to their country. Its high time, our Government ensures to treat the marine society(seafarers and their family members), with respect and concern. Real professionals should not believe in egoistic style of functioning. Constructive-Criticisms, are an awakening, not to give a jolt, but a seed to progressive growth and development of the nation.

Dr. Chandran Peechulli,
Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine), G.M.(Tech) Crossworld Shipping.
Managing Editor & Publisher-“MARINE WAVES” International Maritime Newsletter. * view highlights and back issues of editorial contents, to convince you all about what “Marine Waves” does to the society`s well-being, as a member of the Humanist Party of India.

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